Beckers children

The Danish journalist Henning Becker went to Vietnam in 1970 carrying only his typewriter. He was immediately touched by the parentless children of the war, who were living in the streets of Saigon. Without any funding but small loans from friends he established a childrens home. Eventually he adopted 45 children, became the primary caretaker of 150 children – who had fled hundred of kilometers on foot through the war ridden country to the safety of Hennings home. In April 1975 Saigon was close to falling. Henning was desperately trying to find a way to evacuate and save his children from a certain death.


becker – tv series

The amazing story of Henning Becker and his 200 children is now being made into a TV series. Based on the historical facts involving a country in chaos, the White House, CIA, the Danish government,  Vietnamese authorities, a generous American millionaire and a tireless and excentric young idealist.



The production of Becker will be a cooperation between a major Danish Filmstudio and a major American content developer. The artistic creativity from the past years succesfull Danish TV series like Borgen, The Killing a.o will be combined with the commercial and financial powers of the new American TV series producers.



The cast will consist of international actors with a natural focus on Danish, American and  Vietnamese actors for the leading characters. The director will have intensive experience in directing in overseas territories and working with non-experienced child actors. The director of photography as well.